Best wedding planning apps for 2017

Wedding planning app is a convenient tool so that the planning can be done in a very efficient manner. The benefits of a planning app are being enjoyed by many brides. It is possible to convert your mobile phone into a very effective wedding planner. By using the most appropriate planner, you will ensure that the cultural significance is upheld. The wedding planning is crucial so that you will be able to organize the wedding without any stress. Through proper planning, the stressful activity will be eliminated. There will be great joy for the couple, families on both sides and couples.

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You should be aware of the popular apps so that you can deploy them as per your needs. There are wedding planning apps on the Android as well as iOS stores. The following apps will help you in this direction:

Wedding Happy

WeddingHappy - Wedding Planner on the App Store.png

It is a super simple app available in App Store. The free app can be setup very quickly and you will not want to reveal your email address to install the app. If you enter the wedding date, the customized to-do list will be generated by the app. No network connection is required to use the app. The app has Facebook and Twitter integration as well.

My wedding app 

My Wedding App - Android Apps on Google Play.pngThe wedding app is intended to spend your money in a very efficient way. You will want to save your money for your honeymoon. Hence, the planning is very much important. You can go through the vendor profiles, checklists and discount offer so that the spending tracker will help you in reducing the expenses. All budget-related tasks can be accomplished in the best possible way by using the app, ‘My wedding app’. The app will help you confine to the parameters of your budget and you will find the right vendors to fulfill your needs.


Wedding countdown

Wedding Countdown on the App Store.pngThe time management is crucial to organize wedding ceremony and you should fulfill your dreams by preparing for the big day with full insight. The app will show the countdown to your wedding. The wedding countdown can be personalized by choosing your favorite songs, background images, fonts and colors. The countdown can be shared with your guests on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. You can share the information by using the mailing app as well. The number of days, hours, minutes and seconds are left will be reminded by the app so that there will be effective planning.

Paperless Post

The wedding invitations should be prepared as per your lifestyle. If you would Paperless Post  Invitations and eCards on the App Store.pnglike to explore the online wedding invitations to the full potential extent, you can make use of the app, ‘Paperless Post’. You will have access to gorgeous
stationery and it will fit into your wedding lifestyle without any issues. It is possible to send online invitations as well as paper cards as per your convenience. You can track RSVPs as well in the best possible way by using the Paperless Post. The guest list can be updated and you can message your guests very easily.



Wedding Dress Look Book by The Knot 

It is a free app and the app is offered by The app acts as your fairy dress mother. It will help you figure out your dream dress so that you can deliver the best appeal on the special day. you can find the most spectacular dresses by using the app. As soon as you enter your vital statistics, you can manage best dress without any issues. there will be best dresses by featuring your best features as well as worst features. You can find designer dresses presented by different designers at various price ranges. The search can be accomplished as per the style and you can bookmark your favorites so that they can be reviewed later.


The honeymoon can be planted with the help of popular app, ‘Triplt’. The app will make note of all the trip details and will help you plan the trip very easily. helpful itinerary will be prepared by the app. You can store the itinerary on the iPhone and it can be accessed as per your convenience. You can sign up for the service by sending a confirmation message to the mail ID,

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