How much does a wedding cake cost?

Wedding cake is the most decorative item as well as an entertaining piece of the marriage ceremony. You will want to order the cake as per the number of guests and your taste. It should be based on the budget as well. The pricing of the cake is based on many factors. You should be aware of the basics before shopping for the wedding cake. If you have a budget on the cake, you can explore the cake to fulfill your needs. The quality of cake that you get is based on the price. As the inputs are based on the money that you would like to spend on the cake, you should choose the cake in a very careful way. It is not only the ingredients, but the process and the expertize of the Baker will define the taste and quality of the cake.

Decorative purpose

The decorative objective of the cake should be fulfilled in a very efficient way. You should be able to take snaps without any issues. Established bakeries will prepare the cake right from the scratch so that there will be a great taste. The cake can be customized as per your needs so that there will not be any issues.

The cake should be construed in tiers. The Large and heavy cake should be delivered in a nice cool van so that the freshness will not be lost. The bakery that you trust should be chosen to order the cake. The feedback given by other customers will also help you decide the best baker so that there will not be any issues.

You should take a look at your guest count before deciding the size of the cake. According to Ask Wedding, The cake price is based on the size and serving. The pricing varies from one baker to another baker. It varies depending on the type and flavor of the cake. There are billions of wedding cakes which can be selected as per your needs. If you go through online blogs and websites, you can choose the best cake without any issues.

Cost of the cake

Fondant cream is less expensive than buttercream. The buttercream will cost $5 per serving. The cost of fondant cream will be $7 per serving. If you would like to serve 200 guests, you will want to spend $1,000 on the cake. However, you can customize the cake as per your needs. The ingredients and design can be altered so that you will strike the best price.

The cost of the cake dummy will be same as that of a faux tier. There will not be any savings by going for faux cake. It will take a longer time to decorate the faux cake. Working with cake dummies is hard. To supplement cake servings, you can go for a sheet cake. You will not want to pay for an enormous tiered cake when you can manage the supplement cake servings.

Sheet cakes are nothing but frosted cakes, and they will be delivered to the kitchen. The cake will not be served by the staff. Hence, the cost of the cake will be little and you will be able to minimize your expenses. However, some bakers will prepare sheet cakes for clients who order a large cake or a tiered cake.


If you go for a detailed cake design, the price of the cake will be high. However, you should not assume that the simple design is cost-effective. There are high-quality cakes which can be ordered online so that they will be delivered at your doorsteps. The cake cutting arrangement will be done by the staff as per your contract so that you will be able to manage the ceremony in a very efficient way. Experts will advise you order the most appropriate accessories so that there will be great satisfaction.

As a cake artist will spend many hours in designing the cake, you should be able to understand the expense involved in engaging a talented cake artist. The cake should be prepared as per your needs, and it should be preserved and transported to your location without any issues. All these aspects will influence the price. The fresh fruits, butter, and eggs in large numbers will go into the making of the cake. Hence, the price is based on the ingredients and the manufacturing process.

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